What Is Old Is New Again

What Is Old Is New Again

Recently a motorcycle industry friend passed a book published in 1960 my way.  He was doing so as another had done with him. When he said it was on the way my curiosity was peeked to be sure. One more gift from the holiday season…

Since he did not tell me what the book was, I simply waited two days for the question to be answered. “Let’s Try Barter” by Charles Morrow Wilson was not exactly what I was expecting.   When I opened it and saw the original publish date of 1960 and revision in 1976 I was even less inspired.   Out of respect and some curiosity I started paging through it.  Glad I did.

Let's Try Barter

While Mr. Wilson has a strong opinion and certainly points to the traditional value of barter, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barter) it was the notion that What Is Old Is New Again that caught my attention. (My words, not his.) As it is in this historical cycle and context that http://MotoStays.com makes such great sense. Literally since the dawn of man, we have been sharing residence. How and the details around it are simply reflections of the time. Today, it is EASY for us find accommodation options. The modern age of information makes it much faster than plotting in on horseback looking for the local inn or asking a farmer if you can sleep in his barn.

Your next stay?

Your next stay?

Funny how the world turns: as I sit here and write this post Bob Dylan’s 1964 song ‘Motorpsycho Nitemare’ just played on my Pandora One channel. Righteous timing as this is a folk story about a young adventurous man who needed a place to stay while he was out riding his motorcycle we can assume.            You can listen for yourself here. (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=motorpsycho+nitemare)

Bob Dylan Motorpsycho Nitemare

YouTube Video

OK, back from musical history lesson.

We can easily look back to the 19th & 20th centuries for great examples of home sharing or ‘couchsurfing’. Whether families traveling west during hard times, hippies shacking up in the 60’s or my great Aunt Joyce & Uncle Bill opening their home in Grand Junction Colorado to perfectly unknown strangers as a Bed & Breakfast. It just makes sense. Today, we are excited that a “pay it forward” model allows fellow motorcyclists to give back to their community. Really to your extended family – you know, the ones we get to choose.

So, overcome your fears and do what your forefathers/mothers did. Today’s way too negative modern media portrays travel & safety as something that should be feared. Ask anyone who has done it, heck ask your parents & grandparents if you can. What was their experience? Home sharing simply works and makes sense.

Now, where is that book?


Endnote:  Here is an interesting link I came across researching about home sharing history: The Crazy History of History spin on Couchsurfing specifically. http://www.thecrazyhistoryofhistory.com/2012/04/what-is-couchsurfing-by-way.html