When Should I MotoStay?

When Should I MotoStay?

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So if you are new to this whole notion of home-sharing and collaborative consumption you might be asking yourself when is the right time to MotoStay? When should I set up a first visit or hosting experience? The simple answer is right now. Many of the early MotoStayers and people expressing interest in this new model for travel think it is mostly just for long-term or adventure travelers.   Definitely NOT the case. MotoStays and other home sharing sites like www.Couchsurfing.org and www.Airbnb.com are established to help you with all of your travel needs. Whether you are riding in a nearby town or across the world for an epic vacation. The difference and advantage of MotoStays is we cater specifically to riders!

Here are two recent examples of how and why MotoStays works for short trips too. This past week Gaila and I hosted Phoenix when she rode down from Vancouver British Columbia to catch a flight from Seattle to California for an upcoming wedding. How pleasant it was to share dinner, stories and smiles. Not to mention the great chocolate she brought! We learned more about her temporary home in B.C. – giving us even more incentive to take a weekend trip up North. High on the “todo” list.

Second, I needed to be southwest of Olympia WA to teach a Learn To Ride dirt bike class for Puget Sound Safety Off-Road www.pssor.com this past Sunday. (It was great fun!) Living 80 miles away means this was going to be quite a long haul – even before the infamous Seattle area traffic. A quick contact to MotoStay’ers in Olympia set up a wonderful night stay in their “Cottage in the woods”. Aside from great sleep I was able to get to my class bright and early. Way better than leaving my house at 5:45am. My host Greg and Mare showed me the locals and their favor pizza joint, all within walking distance. A more leisurely approach to the morning meant time for conversation, coffee and world-class pastries.

How wonderful it is to have the friendship and assistance of fellow motorcyclists. Living and traveling like a local is so much better than boring and expensive hotels. Remember just pick a direction and go with www.MotoStays.com.


P.S. We would love to see and hear your comments and tales from the road. Have an interesting homesharing or motorcycle travel story? We are always interested in guest posts so let us know.

Date: 6/23/14

Author: Tad Haas