Home Sharing for Motorcyclists in the Modern Age

Home Sharing for Motorcyclists in the Modern Age

This is an excerpt of the piece Derek Roberts did Dec 2014 for Sound RIDER! Please see the full article here.

It has been my experience with motorcycling that all conversational roads lead back to one thing; Wanderlust. Appreciation for engineering, technical proficiency and the daily commute may vary, but mention to a fellow rider (or non-rider for that matter) the tale of a recent motorcycle sojourn and you will immediately have a captivated audience.

Maybe it’s the innate understanding of a motorcyclist that opportunity comes in many varieties. A sun parched stretch of desert highway, conversations with strangers and meandering trips that start with no end dates, are all blank canvasses. Each time we set out on two wheels we are privy to more than a windows view. Each time, is a unique experience.

Emboldened by adventure is often when inspiration strikes. Take for example, MotoStays founders, Tad Haas and Gaila Gutierrez (shown right). Over the course of 411 days, the two traversed the vastness of eastern Canada, crisscrossed the continental United States and explored the culturally rich interior of central Mexico, on a trip that would ultimately cover 40,000 miles and reach as far south as Panama.

As the pair rode, they began to take stock of their journey and question fellow travelers as to what made these types of trips, or even weekend ones, so special. Time and again the responses came back littered with reference to “adventure”, “different”, “local” and “real”. The two rider’s appreciation for such experiences had certainly grown since the start of their own trip, as had their appreciation for the most often cited obstacle: Cost.

With these insights and perhaps inspired by the view of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, the two began to envision a global network of homestays, built specifically for motorcyclists. Fellow riders from across the world, they reasoned, would volunteer to host their motorcycle brethren as they embarked on trips of all durations, in exchange only for a story and a “pay it forward” ethic. “If I host you on your journey, you will host someone else on theirs.”

Fast forward to early 2014 and after brief stints back in the “real world”, Tad and Gaila could not help but revisit the idea that had hatched during their trip. Home share models like Airbnb and Couchsurfing had been hugely successful and people were expressing a real desire to travel and do more. Hosts would not only provide a place to stay, but they would dispense local knowledge that would lead to a more rewarding travel experience….

See the full article at: http://www.soundrider.com/current/1412/motostays.aspx#sthash.PWsL9q5y.dpuf and visit Sound RIDERS other great content and products while you are there…

For the early adopters, MotoStays is a no brainer. A free place to stay, a new friend to meet and another day of adventure. And for those who may be a little more hesitant, Tad and Gaila offer one piece of advice, “ Try it…You’ll be happy you did”.

Thanks for visiting.  Tad Haas Dec 18 2014