Be The Adventure

Be The Adventure

Opera_houseWe’re just coming home from the BMW MOA Be the Adventure Rally in Billings, Montana.   The cool thing about the National rally is it’s always in a different location each year, which gives folks a damn good excuse to travel from all over the nation making the rally their destination.   There’s something really awesome about arriving and reconnecting with friends you haven’t  seen since last time, and making new friends this time around, kind of like a big motorcycle riders family reunion.

This year was no different.   Montana doesn’t disappoint when it comes to open space, big sky and natural beauty. It’s still the Wild West, often referred to as the “last frontier’ its history is full bodied with lively narratives and juicy tidbits of years gone by.   It lures us in with tales of the gold rush, cowboys, indians, ghost towns, homesteaders and outlaws.   “Maybe it’s the independent frontier spirit, wild and free and oh-so American, that earned Montana its ‘live and let live’ state motto. The sky seems bigger and bluer. The air is crisp and pine-scented. From its mountains that drop into undulating ranchlands to brick brewhouses and the shaggy grizzly found lapping at an ice-blue glacier lake, Montana brings you to that euphoric place, naturally. And then it remains with you long after you’ve left its beautiful spaces behind” – The Lonely Planet


The BMW MOA puts a lot of effort and thought into producing an awesome rally.   Thank you BMW MOA, we had a kick butt time.   Between the seminars/classes, GS Giants skills course, the insane stunt riding of Chris “Teach” McNeil, presentations by Horizons Unlimited and an awesome line up of nightly entertainment, there is no shortage of things to keep you busy.   And if that’s not enough, let’s not forget the killer retail therapy in the exhibition hall where you can find just about anything you need for you and your motorcycle.   Touratech USA, Cyclops Lights, MotoSkiveez, Twisted Throttle, Redverz and Atlas Throttle Lock to name just a few.

Speaking of Touratech USA, they set up a drum kit made of panniers and rocked the hall with some Wow!  Throw on an adventure helmut and give this dude some sticks and he’s off running!


This was MotoStays first time exhibiting and we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.   There was a constant stream of interesting folks from around the world who wanted to learn more about the concept of motorcycle travel and home sharing.   It resulted in a boat load of new members who were excited to become part of the community.   Welcome new members it was awesome meeting you personally!

Leaving us at the closing ceremony for the 2nd year in a row was the sassy band Mustang Sally. They got the crowd worked into a rock n’ roll groove we didn’t want to leave.   The BMW rally is a great time and if you’ve never been, we suggest you put it on your vacay schedule for next year. It will be at the historic village of Hamberg, NY, home of the Buffalo Wings, Niagra Falls and a shit ton of BMWs in 2016. See you there!