7 Tips to Being a Awesome Guest

7 Tips to Being a Awesome Guest

Spring is here and a lot of us have starting planning our motorcycle travel and summer rides. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to find new twisties, jaw dropping vistas and the perfect setting for a motorcycle selfie. As you get out on the road this year, keep MotoStays at the top of your mind. This is your tribe with new members popping up all over the world; and as such there are some pretty cool opportunities are just waiting to be had.


 If you haven’t tried home sharing yet, whether as a host or traveler, let’s face it, the first time could possibly feel a little let’s say, awkward.   But all you really need to do is read the reviews of other member experiences to know how much fun they can be and friendships are born. If you’ve been using MotoStays, then you know what we’re talking about.

So how do you get the most out of your experience? You can start with being an awesome guest and here’s a few helpful tips.


1.  Be the Guest you would want to host

We’ve all had visitors, whether family or friends, who we separate into the “can’t wait to see you again” and the “don’t let the door hit you in the ass” categories.   You need to be the in the first one!   Be polite, kind and considerate. Hosts open their homes and worlds to you and want to have a good experience too, so as the traveler be a good person and your experience will be all that much better.

2.  Communicate your needsCommunication is key. The level of interaction is up to you. Maybe you work from the road and need time to catch up on work, or you’re just wanting quite time after a long days ride, or you want to explore the area and take in the local sights. Whatever your situation, communicate with your hosts so they have an understanding and haven’t gone to a lot of effort to plan something differently for you. Better still, if your host suggests a special activity or dinner, try take them up on it if you can.

3.  Show up when you say you will 

As motorcyclists, we all know that plans can change lickety split.   If you’ve planned a stay with a host and for some reason you aren’t going to make it, contact your host ASAP and let them know.   If you’ve agreed to arrive at a set time and are delayed, let your hosts know! They have a lot of other things they can be doing besides waiting for you. Do your best to be thoughtful and as accurate as possible about your arrival.

4.  Respect your host(s) 

Hosts are the backbone of MotoStays. These are the people who open their homes and offer you a comfortable place to stay for a night or two. Treat your fellow members with respect, consideration and integrity at all times. Be respectful of the opinions and beliefs of others, even if you don’t agree.

5.  Leave it as you found it 

If you packed it in, pack it out. Leave your loaned space tidy, especially shared areas. No one wants to navigate around your clothes on the floor, food wrappers or dirty dishes. Make your bed, and put your stuff neatly to the side.

6.  Contribute something

As a guest, it’s a nice gesture to show up with a bottle of wine, small gift or token of appreciation. If that’s not possible, maybe contribute to a shared dinner, breakfast or offer to help cleanup. Whatever the situation is, offering to help in some way is welcome and appreciated by hosts.

7.  Don’t overstay your welcome

The general guideline is no longer than a 2 night stay, unless you’ve specifically worked that out with your host in advance. Do not assume you can stay longer.   Don’t forget, this is a private home and people have busy lives, families, etc.   MotoStaying is a privilege and it should be treated it as such.

Being a good guest can make or break the experience for you and your host, so make the best of it. Browse the map and design a trip that includes a MotoStay and try it firsthand. Be sure to leave a review for your host!

IMG_8616Most of all have fun and enjoy!

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